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I am sorry to say the web site is currently out of order. The original theme with all site navigation functions was lost when it was being moved to a new server. You are only seeing only a small part of the information that is available. We still have all of the content but the site will have to be completely reassembled once the original theme and navigation is reinstated. I am not sure when this will be but it will be posted as soon as it is ready. We will also have new information about the Joseph Plummer Sr. family in the 1830s Lincoln County, Missouri. We hope to see you soon.

24 October 2015

Since my last blog I have been spending some of my time creating an extensive family tree on I can arrange for any family members, that would like, to have access to it. There is no cost, the only requirement is to create an account at Ancestry. com. Anyone interested can send me an email at and I will arrange for you to receive an invitation via email. I still have several cousins to add to the tree and working to get them all filled in.

I am researching everywhere I can to find additional family information to add to the website. Anyone that has any family stories please email them to me and I will try to work them in. I recently became reacquainted with my cousin Cecil Eugene “Gene” Plummer and have become acquainted with his daughter, Rhonna Marsden. They both live in California. It has been an absolute pleasure to be in contact with both of them. They provided me a very interesting story about Gene’s dad and my uncle, Cecil “Mike” Plummer’s exploits during World War II. I have added the story along with a photograph to the website under the Joshua Plummer menu in “The New Frontier” section.

I have also started a digital archive old family photographs and documents. If you have anything like this sitting in boxes somewhere please scan them and forward them to me via email. If you do not have a scanner, bring them to me and I will take care of of scanning them. I have found several pictures and documents that my mother had that I started with. Some of the documents include Birth certificates, Marriage Licenses, Military Discharge Papers, and Death Certificates. I am trying to accumulate as much information as I can to have a central repository that can be shared with the entire family. I am currently organizing everything by family from my mom and dad’s generation, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. My cousin Janet (Stock) Hughes recently brought me a large cardboard box full of all of her family photos to go through to find historically significant items. One of the items I found was a copy of my grandfather Joshua’s wedding certificate from his marriage to my grandmother, Hettie Blackorby, in 1904.

Finally, any of you family members that are interested in receiving any of the archived material, let me know and if I have it I will send you a copy via email. I am looking for any and all help I can get of information for either the website and the archive. SO PLEASE HELP!

Until next time,


5 August 2015

Recently I added an entry to The New Frontier section called “The Grafton Plummers.” It describes a second branch of the family to settle in Jersey County, Illinois, specifically the town of Grafton. My family line share common ancestors with this group going back to Philemon Plummer who settled in Calhoun County in the mid 1830s. There is a least one more group of Plummers that resided in Grafton. I am currently researching this group and will add it to the site when it is ready. Check it out.

30 June 2015

It is been a while since I have posted anything new. Probably past time, so here we go! After months of procrastination I finally joined and started on a family tree. Their software and database of information is amazing. I have covered most of the Plummer side of the family and  have mostly cleanup work left to do. I will be expanding it with Mom’s side of the family next. has a guest program that allows, by invitation, anyone that I request to have free permanent access to my family tree. So all you family members and friends that would like access email me at and I will request your invitation. It is totally free and all you are to required to do is create an account at The information you are required to put in is minimal.

Now to the web site. I have rearranged all of the history pages by giving each of the ancestors their own individual page with a direct link to each one. I have also been gathering old family pictures to include in the proper places on the web site. Any of you that have pictures of our ancestors that might be of interest, please email copies to me with captions that identify everybody. Email again is

Finally, on one of my many database searches I discovered copies of Thomas Plummer Srs. hand written will. It is dated in the year of 1694! Thomas was the first ancestor to come to Colonial Maryland, America in 1667. To say that I was excited is an understatement! The copies online are very clear and as soon as I can figure out how to download quality copies I will be putting them with a transcribed copy on for everyone to see.

I hope to hear from you all soon.


27 March 2015

Several events have occurred since my last blog. I have integrated some of information that I found in the Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletins into “America Ahoy.” I plan to have additional updates in the future. It is a lot of information to sort through and is, as the whole website is, a work in progress. The updates are mainly adding dates and places when I have been lucky enough to find them.

I also want to thank Dr, Larry Plummer. Larry has given me access to all of his family information on He has been working on it for a good while and it is very extensive. In just a short time I was able to add significant information about Philemon’s children in “A New Frontier”. Larry and I share Philemon a our great-great-grandfather. I am really looking forward to our meeting that we are planning next month.

Don’t forget to send me any comments you may have at

21 February 2015

My enrollment as a member of the Maryland Genealogical Society has been completed and I now have access to the Society’s records. My query to identify an article from just two poor quality pages of an old Society Bulletin was answered very completely and promptly. I am very pleased with my new membership and in particular, Allender Sybert of the Society for his valuable help and for his genuine interest. Through the Society’s website I was also able to locate a source to purchase a CD of all of the Maryland Genealogical Society’s Bulletins, which I have received and in the process of reviewing. The CD is from a company called Colonial Roots(, located in Delaware. There are over 30 years of bulletins so this a big task. A task that has been helped by Will Moneymaker of Upon request Will searches occurrences of family surnames within a specified databases. His results for the Society’s Bulletins was amazing. He emailed me twenty, single spaced, pages of instances of the Plummer surname appearances in all of the bulletins. The data he provided included last name, first name, Volume no., Issue no. and date, and page no. The information Will has provided is invaluable to my research. Once I have sorted through and organized all of this data I will include it in Plummer History.

7 February 2015

It seems that most of my recent activity has been research. I have discovered some interesting things that I hope to be adding to America Ahoy. Through one of my many searches I found a two page excerpt from a Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. It details and verifies additional  information about Thomas Plummer Sr. and his family. This includes some of his children and his in-laws, Captain Thomas Stockett and his wife Mary Wells. The amount of information that I have now is very limited, but my membership application is in the mail and I hope to have access to the Society’s files very soon.

I also plan to get together and exchange info with Dr. Larry Plummer, who has been studying our family genealogy for many years. Philemon Plummer (1802-1855) is our great-great-grandfather. I am really looking forward to our meeting.

Finally, I plan to add a “Welcome” section to the site. All I have to do is figure out how to get it done. I am sure my website benefactor, Tim will help get that done.

Paul W. Plummer

1 February 2015

This will be my first of, I hope, many blogs. First is thank you to my grandson Tim for the wonderful gift of our family website. Little did I know when I started dabbling in genealogy that I would find 13 generations from my four great-granddaughters to the first of our family to come to America. Much more of the Plummer family history will be added in the future. I hope all of you that visit here will enjoy it.

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