7 February 2015

It seems that most of my recent activity has been research. I have discovered some interesting things that I hope to be adding to America Ahoy. Through one of my many searches I found a two page excerpt from a Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. It details and verifies additional  information about Thomas Plummer Sr. and his family. This includes some of his children and his in-laws, Captain Thomas Stockett and his wife Mary Wells. The amount of information that I have now is very limited, but my membership application is in the mail and I hope to have access to the Society’s files very soon.

I also plan to get together and exchange info with Dr. Larry Plummer, who has been studying our family genealogy for many years. Philemon Plummer (1802-1855) is our great-great-grandfather. I am really looking forward to our meeting.

Finally, I plan to add a “Welcome” section to the site. All I have to do is figure out how to get it done. I am sure my website benefactor, Tim will help get that done.

Paul W. Plummer