24 October 2015

Since my last blog I have been spending some of my time creating an extensive family tree on Ancestry.com. I can arrange for any family members, that would like, to have access to it. There is no cost, the only requirement is to create an account at Ancestry. com. Anyone interested can send me an email at info@plummerhistory.org and I will arrange for you to receive an invitation via email. I still have several cousins to add to the tree and working to get them all filled in.

I am researching everywhere I can to find additional family information to add to the website. Anyone that has any family stories please email them to me and I will try to work them in. I recently became reacquainted with my cousin Cecil Eugene “Gene” Plummer and have become acquainted with his daughter, Rhonna Marsden. They both live in California. It has been an absolute pleasure to be in contact with both of them. They provided me a very interesting story about Gene’s dad and my uncle, Cecil “Mike” Plummer’s exploits during World War II. I have added the story along with a photograph to the website under the Joshua Plummer menu in “The New Frontier” section.

I have also started a digital archive old family photographs and documents. If you have anything like this sitting in boxes somewhere please scan them and forward them to me via email. If you do not have a scanner, bring them to me and I will take care of of scanning them. I have found several pictures and documents that my mother had that I started with. Some of the documents include Birth certificates, Marriage Licenses, Military Discharge Papers, and Death Certificates. I am trying to accumulate as much information as I can to have a central repository that can be shared with the entire family. I am currently organizing everything by family from my mom and dad’s generation, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. My cousin Janet (Stock) Hughes recently brought me a large cardboard box full of all of her family photos to go through to find historically significant items. One of the items I found was a copy of my grandfather Joshua’s wedding certificate from his marriage to my grandmother, Hettie Blackorby, in 1904.

Finally, any of you family members that are interested in receiving any of the archived material, let me know and if I have it I will send you a copy via email. I am looking for any and all help I can get of information for either the website and the archive. SO PLEASE HELP!

Until next time,