21 February 2015

My enrollment as a member of the Maryland Genealogical Society has been completed and I now have access to the Society’s records. My query to identify an article from just two poor quality pages of an old Society Bulletin was answered very completely and promptly. I am very pleased with my new membership and in particular, Allender Sybert of the Society for his valuable help and for his genuine interest. Through the Society’s website I was also able to locate a source to purchase a CD of all of the Maryland Genealogical Society’s Bulletins, which I have received and in the process of reviewing. The CD is from a company called Colonial Roots(www.colonialroots.com), located in Delaware. There are over 30 years of bulletins so this a big task. A task that has been helped by Will Moneymaker of AncestralFindings.com. Upon request Will searches occurrences of family surnames within a specified databases. His results for the Society’s Bulletins was amazing. He emailed me twenty, single spaced, pages of instances of the Plummer surname appearances in all of the bulletins. The data he provided included last name, first name, Volume no., Issue no. and date, and page no. The information Will has provided is invaluable to my research. Once I have sorted through and organized all of this data I will include it in Plummer History.